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The parent company of Wrap-Aholic, Truck Sign Design Inc., has been producing vehicle graphics for over 19 years now.  As the technology to produce digitally printed vehicle wraps became available over the past decade, Truck Sign Design purchased a printer and ventured into the wrap business.  A few years ago, Wrap-Aholic was formed for the sole purpose of promoting, designing, and installing vehicle wraps, while Truck Sign Design continues its role in producing Class 8 and Fleet graphics.



Wrap-aholic only uses premium materials.  We only use 3M materials for our printed wraps, and Oracal materials for our cut vinyl.  There are several brands of wrap vinyls (and we've tried most of them over the years), but we use 3M and Oracal because they've consistently provided the highest level of durability and the best looking finished product.



A business can be around for a long time, and sell a decent quality product, but neither of those matter if the business doesn't really care about the customer.  At Wrap-Aholic, we take pride in our workmanship.  Every employee working on your vehicle works with the same care and attention to detail as they would if wrapping their own vehicle.  We like every wrap that pulls out of our garage to become a proud addition to our already impressive portfolio.